Next Meeting:

PBSC-2018-02 | Budget Schedule Review & Discussion
June 13th, 2018 
9am-10am OSPB 


  • Review PB Schedule Reports
Meeting Notes (*updated after meeting itself)

Prior Meetings:

PBSC-2018-01 | Kickoff & Planning Meeting for the 2019-2020 Steering Committee
May 9th, 2018 
9am-10am OSPB 

Cameron Bellamy - CDLE
Daniel Pace - HCPF
Janis Lewis - CDHS 
Krista Meulengracht - DOR 
Terry Jenssen - DPA 
Melissa Kipp - CDPHE

Advisory and on-going
Melodie Beck - DNR
Cathy Trujillo - DPA

  • Introductions
  • FY 2018-19 Budget Season debrief
  • FY 2019-20 Budget Season recommendations
  • Discuss future meeting dates  and topics for future discussions
Meeting Notes (*updated after meeting itself)
  • PB Steering charter & meeting dates
  • Known Issues will be added to PB website as a one-stop shop for current statuses and existing problems
Next Meeting
  • June 13th at 9am
  • Topics TBD